Learning When To Quit

Maybe it’s something to do with being a bloke in his early thirties, or becoming a dad in the last couple of years. Or maybe it’s something to do with 2020 just being the absolute worst and wanting to achieve something positive out of it all. Whatever the reason, I’ve been in denial about admitting it but unfortunately I now have to accept defeat.

Not Quite to Plan

Both my blog and Strava feeds have been very quiet in recent weeks. Safe to say my plan of reaching the 800km mark by end of July has not happened. In fact I haven’t been for a run in more or less a month now which has definitely had a major impact on my physicalContinue reading “Not Quite to Plan”

Hurry Up and Wait

I really am a bit useless at blogging. It’s been six weeks since I’ve written anything, during which time we’ve continued to wait for a reprieve from lockdown. Alas, nothing too material as yet. The current situation has left inspiration levels a little thin on the ground, and to a certain extent the same appliesContinue reading “Hurry Up and Wait”

April Update

I’m now up to 373km of the 1000km total target, comfortably caught up with the 100km per month sub-target I set myself at the start of the year. I’ve now moved ahead of this in trying to hit 30km each week, which Strava tells me I’ve managed for the last seven weeks. If I can keep this up I’ll hit the 1000km target at some point in September!

Where are we now?

Since my last post a grand total of twenty days ago the entire world has turned upside down. We Brits have quickly moved on from the unspeakable B-word (Brexit – what was that?) to the C-word, Coronavirus, or Covid-19. At time of writing the nation has been advised to socially distance/self-isolate by remaining in ourContinue reading “Where are we now?”

What Happened to February..?

All in all, February was reasonably successful on the running front. I put up a total of 82km so still a little short on my monthly target of 100km but not bad considering it’s the shortest month of the year AND I took a week off for moving house in the middle…

January Check In

Started strong, hit an early wall but pulled it back a little… When setting yourself such a big overall target you really want to get out of the blocks as quickly as possible and take a decent chunk out of the number. That was my intention come 1st January as I looked to get aheadContinue reading “January Check In”

Match Report: Warrington Waterways Half Marathon

Better late than never, a quick rundown of my first ever half marathon. Last weekend I took the opportunity of a quiet Sunday morning at my sister-in-law’s to push myself on my first test of the year, a 22km circuit I planned out along the canals surrounding Stockton Heath, near Warrington in Cheshire. Having neverContinue reading “Match Report: Warrington Waterways Half Marathon”

Progress Check – Jan 15th

A strong start cut short… By the 7th of January I’d done 39km, a pretty solid effort for a week (I’d surpass 2000km this year if I kept up that pace!). However, through a combination of work and a lovely seasonal flu virus my total as off today remains at that 39km mark. Not awful,Continue reading “Progress Check – Jan 15th”

Challenge in a Challenge

In addition to the not insignificant overall goal of running 1000km in 2020, I’m planning to use the Tonne Run Challenge to fulfill some smaller aims for the year that will help me reach the total. For example, I’d like to run a half marathon distance at least twice, once in training and once asContinue reading “Challenge in a Challenge”