What Happened to February..?

Somehow it’s the 3rd of March already, how on earth did that happen?! It’s actually my birthday tomorrow (yay!) but that means one sixth of 2020 has passed already (booo!). Seriously time just disappears these days, my daughter was 1 at the start of February and I’ve no idea where that year went; probably something to do with the lack of sleep.

Anyway, my lamentations on the passage of time aren’t what this is supposed to be about, back to the challenge. All in all, February was reasonably successful on the running front. I put up a total of 82km so still a little short on my monthly target of 100km but not bad considering it’s the shortest month of the year AND I took a week off for moving house in the middle. There were also some absolutely shocking weather conditions to deal with (pictured). I did have to finish the month playing catch up as a result but ended the February 29th leap day on a running total of 173km.

The running highlight of the month was probably the discovery of an objectively very dull 700m circuit just down the road from my new house. It consists of two parallel paved footpaths either side of a tram line making a loop with a very slight incline up on one side and down on the other. It’s lit at night as well so I’ve recorded a fair few kilometres just running laps in the dark. In some ways a bloody boring thing to do but with a few tunes or a podcast it’s not so bad, and is ensuring I can still get some distance in despite a busy working day and the early sunset. It’s really good for ruining yourself with a bit of fartlek/tempo/sprint training too!

With February done I’m settling into the challenge now and feeling reasonably confident about getting to the end goal. I may be forced to eat those words further down the line but right now it looks achievable, and I’m almost enjoying it (mad right?!). As of now I’m up to 178km and looking to break the 200km mark by the end of this week (March 8th). If I can do that and then average 33km per week for the rest of the month I’ll be back up to my initial target of 100km per month. Given the slightly-slower-than-anticipated/desired start to the year this would be a massive achievement in itself and quite an exciting milestone for me.

To that end, I’ve signed up for my first ever half marathon at the end of the month. On Sunday 29th March I’ll be taking on the infamously hilly Sheffield Half Marathon. There’s 21km off the target already! I’ve run the distance before though never under race conditions and thought it was about time. I’m not too fussed about timings for this one given it’s my first attempt but still would like to finish in less than two hours and fifteen minutes. I’ll then be looking to take on one or two more later in the year and see if I can improve my time. The Nottingham Half Marathon in September seems an obvious target given the proximity, and hopefully by then I’ll be closing in on the overall target distance (fingers crossed!). Look out for a race report on the Sheffield half in a few weeks time.

Finally, and most importantly, I’m really please that my fundraiser has started to take off a little. We’re now up to 13% of the £1,000 target so a big thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far. I’ll keep running, you keep giving (please!). With that in mind, please do follow the link below and donate a few quid if you can, EFTC and I really do appreciate it!

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